Meet the Team








Coach Jacob

MS exercise science

CF level 2



Jacob hails from the great states of Iowa and Indiana, which is why he moved to Florida and why traffic has become so terrible. He’s been coaching and oozing CrossFit for just over a decade, and was originally introduced to the magical movements while stationed at MacDill. His goal is to slam bars, get you fit, and bring you the best hour of your day.

Coach Caitlin


Hi! My name is Caitlan. I have been a part of the CrossFit Community for 6 years now, and obtained my L1 last year. I am a ICU nurse by day and wanna be athlete by night. I am extremely passionate about teaching women how to create a nourishing environment for their bodies and households. I love coaching because it not only gives me the ability to teach others, but to learn from others. I can’t wait to work with on your fitness and nutrition goals!

Coach Stefan


Scaling Course



Stefan is a Mississippi native who found his way to Florida’s Suncoast after serving as a US Army Infantryman for 7 years. He started CrossFit in 2008 to train for motorcycle roadracing and continued utilizing its methodology even as the racing progressed to the off-road world. Stefan officially joined CrossFit Uproar in January 2020 and pursued coaching to help others who have been frustrated by lack of fitness and/or community in the wake of the pandemic. In his free time, Stefan enjoys pursuing various types of fish in Tampa Bay with his kids and still lines up for the occasional race on his dirt bike.